Nothing is lighter than nothing.

Minimalist outdoor gear inventory in your pocket. Carry less - explore more.

Travel light - and remember to pack everything!

Carryless provides a toolkit to manage and arrange your hiking, trekking, camping and backpacking gear inventory.

Designed especially for backpackers and other travelers who constantly want to optimize and monitor their pack weight.


Build a gear inventory

All your gear in one listing. Categorized and detailed.

Define your own categories and assign tags to items. Fill in various details, pick suitable units for weight, volume and temperature range.


Create packs

Overnight weekend trip? Relaxed day hike? PCT or Appalachian Trail thru-hike?
Build a suitable pack for every occasion.

Drag items from the inventory, sort in your preferred order. See graphs and weights updating in real time.


Balance packs

Hiking with a buddy? Balance items between packs. Ensure the journey is lightweight for both of you.


No more gear lists in Excel spreadsheet

Fill in the item details or import existing lists. After that, swipes and taps are all you need.


Start packing.

What would a hiking app be without a proper checklist feature?

Enable packing mode in your pack list. Select packed items, see real-time weight updates.


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